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The health care sector has witnessed rapid growth in recent years in drug interactions, patient counselling and professional information exchange with physicians, nurses and other paramedics. The professionals are required to acquire an in-depth knowledge of formulation, storage and analysis of various pharmaceutical dosage forms including herbal medicines required for both production and research.

1. B.pharamacy - 4years
2. - 2 years

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Srinivasa College of pharmacy
D. Pharmacy - 2years
Mahalakshmi college of pharmacy
D. Pharmacy - 2years
Sarojini college of pharmacy
D pharmacy - 2years
Bangalore college of pharmacy
D pharmacy - 2years

Course Duration: 4 Years
Eligibility:10+2 with 40% marks in science stream(PCM/PCB/PCMB/PC & Computer Science/PC & Electronics)

The degree is the basic prerequisite for registration to practice as a pharmacist in many countries and its about understanding the properties and impacts of medicines and deveoping the skills required to counsel patients about their use,pharmacists have the opportunity to improve health and even save lives.

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